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Feature Friday #42: Swarovski pearl drop earrings by bumblebeadsdesigns

May 27th, 2011

A little while ago, The D.A.D. Project joined T.E.S.T. Toronto Etsy Street Team, a street team for Etsy sellers in and around Toronto. They are a cool community of crafters and artisans in the Toronto area who offer support and share information and their experiences with each other.

I met fellow member Tracy M. of bumbebeadsdesigns when she kindly replied to a shout-out I posted to the group, asking if anyone was interested in making a donation of their wares to The D.A.D. Project. I’m happy to say that she is behind this week’s Feature Friday donation: a stunning pair of creamrose Swarovski pearl drop earrings that would look amazing dressed up or down.

Creamrose Swarovski Pearl Drop Earrings by bumblebeadsdesigns

As an elementary school teacher, Tracy uses the little free time that she gets (mostly during the March and Summer breaks) to work on her handmade jewellery business. About 7 years ago, she first started making simple earrings. Last year, when a friend asked Tracy to make her bridal jewellery, Tracy discovered her love for working with pearls while researching how to make pearl necklaces. She now focuses on using pearls as the primary material for all her jewellery.

As Tracy prepares for her own upcoming wedding in August (and making her own bridal jewellery, of course!!!), she tries to fit beading into her ever-so-busy schedule. Check out more of Tracy’s beautiful work…

…in her shop: www.bumblebeadsdesigns.etsy.com
…on facebook: www.facebook.com/bumblebeadsdesigns
…or on her blog: www.bumblebeadsdesigns.blogspot.com

Tracy, thank you so much for reaching out and making such a lovely contribution to our Project … I’m sure you will look amazing on your wedding day decked out in your own designs!

And more etsy love to report: big thanks to both swirlingthoughts, who included our Massage in a bottle in her Summertime blues treasury, and to inspiredbymckenna, for including our I can fly in her Come fly with me treasury:

Summertime blues etsy treasury by swirlingthoughts

Come fly with me etsy treasury by inspiredbymckenna

What a pretty sweet way to start the weekend!

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Drawing A Day #155: Eye of the tiger

April 28th, 2011

To all you Rocky fans out there, I bring you Eye of the tiger for today’s D.A.D.:

Eye of the Tiger

We’re also VERY excited to report that we are about to mail in our second donation cheque to the Canadian Cancer Society! It’s in the amount of $1,996.11, from The D.A.D. Project sales covering October to December of 2010 – wahooo!

D.A.D. Donation 2 to Canadian Cancer Society

We just want to say a humungous thank you to everyone for your support and helping to make this all happen … we couldn’t have done it without you!

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Drawing A Day #93: Bench warmer

December 15th, 2010

My last D.A.D. of 2010 is inspired by a suggestion from my friend and former teammate, Kate — we used to play on the same women’s competitive ultimate frisbee team. She suggested Bench warmer, and my addiction to knitting snuck its way in:

As an aside, Kate never played the role of bench warmer (that would’ve been me :) — in fact, her frisbee-playing and on-field butt-kicking is still going strong (while I retired years ago).

And speaking of kicking butt… we just submitted our first donation to the Canadian Cancer Society yesterday. Wanna see???

We are sending them our donations on a quarterly basis. This is from our sales, starting on our  June 7 launch up  until September 30 — totalling $1808.81.

When we started this thing, we said “If we sell one print a week, then that will be over $500 to the CCS in our first year. And then hopefully things will grow from there.”

Obviously, and with your help, we’ve kinda blown our original goal out of the water… THANK YOU so much for all your support, feedback and rah-rah-rahs. We are overwhelmed, humbled, and we know our Dad is somewhere beaming with pride.

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