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rikrak love + Feature Friday #8: Ceremic Canada House by thelittlereddoor

July 30th, 2010

Fellow blogger, sweet gal and etsy superstar rikrak gave us a friendly shout-out yesterday —
huge thanks for the spotlight, RR!
the rikrak studio ————

Another great etsy-head and fellow Canadian I’ve gotten to know over the last year and a half is Toni, aka thelittlereddoor, a happy clay-player from the Prairies. Check out this adorable miniature ceramic Canada House she’s donated to our cause:

http://ny-image2.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.162184466.jpgthelittlereddoor (or LRD, as I affectionately call her) often has me howling with her sassy tweets, and her funky houses can often be found featured on the etsy front page. She’s got a style all her own, and it’s inspiring to see someone who’s so nice and supportive succeed at what she loves to do. Thanks for your support, LRD!

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Drawing A Day #32: Sweet tooth

July 29th, 2010

Does anyone remember watching The Toothbrush Family cartoon which was part of the Captain Kangaroo lineup? Of course, every episode included that earworm of a song:

Which paves the way for today’s D.A.D., Sweet tooth:

Sweet Tooth

I definitely have my share of sweet faves including Cozy Shack chocolate pudding, Twix chocolate bars, mint chocolate chip ice cream and baklava.

Oh, our drawing Chicken Scratch was recently included in cbarjcraft’s Hey Chick! Chick! Chick! Etsy treasury and Fly Me to the Moon was included in efratjewelry’s Fly Me to the Moon treasury (seems appropriate!). Whoohoo and thanks!
Hey Chick! Chick! Chick! Etsy Treasury
Fly Me to the Moon Etsy Treasury
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Drawing A Day #31: I know I can

July 28th, 2010

Get ready to chuckle… a friend of mine told me about this video — called Dad Life — and I thought I’d share it here:

So clever and well-produced, I busted a gut all the way through.

Aaaanyway, back to the drawing board. Today’s D.A.D. was inspired by a penny farthing I saw in a store window recently. I always find that they look really difficult to ride, and then decided to draw one being ridden in an even tougher-than-usual situation… but with determination.

It’s called I know I can:

Ever looked back at something you did, and then wonder “how the heck did I ever pull that off???” That’s what this guy’s going to say after he makes it over the hill.

On that note, happy hump day!

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