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Drawing A Day #125: Starburst

February 28th, 2011

Ever felt like you’ve got so much going on that you’re about to burst at the seams? (If not, try being in your third trimester of pregnancy — I can’t imagine how nuts it’ll feel by month 9, eep! :) Today’s D.A.D. came from this train of thought, and it’s called Starburst:

As I was drawing this, I found myself imagining that this might be how shooting stars get their start…

We’re starting the week with a couple of fun treasury features. Big thanks to TheVoicelessImage for including our Spaghetti Yeti in their “Food Fight!” collection…

… as well as to ThreeOldKeys for including our Balance print in their “What’s your angle?” treasury:

Have a terrific week!

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Feature Friday #30: Wicker hat or wig stand by JohnToftBasketry

February 25th, 2011
** Update: This handwoven wicker stand has been purchased and is no longer available.
To check out other cool works by JohnToftBasketry, please visit his shop directly. THANKS! **


As we’ve mentioned, The D.A.D. Project belongs to an etsy team called Capital Crafters, and this is one supportive bunch! Today’s donation comes from another fellow member — JohnToftBasketry — who has generously donated a handwoven wicker stand to display a hat or wig:

John first learned about basket making in elementary school in England. There, he and his twin brother, became so engrossed in making a basket that the school almost ran out of cane supplies!

Prior to his retirement from teaching in 1998, John pondered about possible interests he could develop in his golden years. In addition to golf and gardening, perhaps he could make baskets as he had done so many years ago. Anne, his wife, bought him a book on basket-making that Christmas. So his craft-making odyssey began. Primarily self-taught, John has learned much by trial and error. He uses rattan cane, as well as home-grown willow.

John moved from Red Lake in North-west Ontario to Kanata (Ottawa) in the fall of 2001. The following spring he began to grow varieties of willow as well as grapevine as part of his plan to turn a hobby into a business. John sells his baskets primarily through his online store, but may also be made from him directly.

Thanks so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness, John! This is a picture of us when we met for the hat stand hand-off:

John also posted this photo (which his wife Anne took) on his blog in a feature he did about The D.A.D. Project. We appreciate the shout-out :)

Have a terrific weekend, everyone!

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Drawing A Day #124: Spaghetti Yeti

February 24th, 2011

I think my Tuesday post gave me noodles on the brain or something (while some would argue this is a normal state of mind for me) … which has inspired today’s D.A.D., Spaghetti Yeti (cuz even the Abominable Snowman can use a good bowl of pasta every now and then):

Spaghetti Yeti

And big thank you’s to savethedate for including Fish out of water in their Color of the Day: Aqua and Orange etsy treasury, and to lunaessence for featuring Count your lucky stars in their Eggplant Wedding etsy treasury:

Aqua and Orange etsy treasury by savethedate

Eggplant Wedding etsy treasury by lunaessenceWe totally appreciate the mentions! Happy Thursday y’all!

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