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Drawing A Day #123: Yakkity yak

February 23rd, 2011

I’ve got a couple of people in my life who, if I get on the phone with them, we can just yak yak yak forever… it’s a comfort to know that if I ever need a sounding board, they’re there for me. So here’s a shout out for friends (and siblings ;) who can be such a huge support even we’re in different cities — Yakkity yak:

Great. Now I have the Golden Girls theme song in my head…

A shout-out also to AmaltheaCph for including The big cheese in her “Nom Nooom” treasury:

… and now my stomach is rumbling!

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Drawing A Day #122: The big cheese

February 22nd, 2011

Got a favourite food or a dish that you worship? For me, noodles/pasta comes to mind … so in honour of all the yummy stuff in our lives, I bring you The big cheese:

The Big Cheese

Mmmmm … ahhhhh …

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Drawing A Day #121: Turn a new leaf

February 21st, 2011

Today is Family Day here in Ontario (and also in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan), so it’s been a quiet day, since most of my clients have the day off. For my D.A.D., I had the idea of “We are family” as the title, with a bunch of different leaves showing how within a family, there can be so many differences… I stuck with the foliage, but then the title seemed like a stretch, so I went instead with Turn a new leaf:

After all, what better day than Family Day to decide to better oneself? Ok ok, it’s a far stretch…

Wherever you are, even it’s not officially a holiday, enjoy your family and appreciate all the quirky differences.

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