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Drawing A Day #99: Sock therapy

January 10th, 2011

A question:

As I was drawing this, John walked by and said “Sock it to me?” which I like, but I ended up sticking with my original title… but is Sock it to me better? If I’m the only one who thinks the current title is clever, then I’ll change it.


I’m not a shopper. I can’t be bothered with fitting rooms, am completely out of the loop about name brands, don’t own one proper purse, don’t wear jewelry other than my wedding band, and always choose comfort over fashion… My kryptonite? Socks. Striped or argyle, knee-high or ankle, rubber sole grippers or articulated toes… you name it, I’ve got them somewhere. And so, a tribute to sock drawers everywhere — Sock therapy:

And we start the week with a nice treasury feature… Thanks to subtleacts for including dempseypressRobot card set donation in her Even Robots Need Love collection:

Keep those toes toasty, and have a great week :)

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