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Drawing A Day #119: Goatee

February 16th, 2011

This little punny image has been floating around in my head for weeks now, and I hope it elicits a groan or two out there… This is Goatee:

Because doesn’t facial hair go so well with argyle and plays on words…?

[As an aside, this guy is a nice companion D.A.D. for Purr-fect fit — a print that expired from our shop a little while ago, but if you like and would like to purchase her, just let us know and we'll relist her.]

On a very sad note, we want to send our most heartfelt and profound condolences to dear lillyella — a wonderfully supportive and creative soul who lost her father to cancer just yesterday. Reading her post last night was heartwrenching, but also inspiring. E-hugs to you, Nicole; I hope our Dads are hanging out right now.

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