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Feature Friday #31: Painted Turtles print by Colin White

March 4th, 2011
** Update: This very cool print has been purchased and is no longer available.
To check out other awesome works by Colin White, please visit his shop directly. THANKS! **


This week’s donation comes from fellow Ottawan and illustrator Colin White — a print of his Painted Turtles:

From Colin’s Gigafauna series, Painted Turtles measures 19.75 inches x 15.75 inches and was printed by the artist on fine art archival paper, signed and numbered 1/10. Colin typically sells these prints for $80, but has kindly listed the price at $50 for The D.A.D. Project’s listing.

Gigafauna is a series of normally harmless animals unintentionally causing harm to large urban areas due to their newfound size. These painted turtles only wanted to bask in the sun, the skyscrapers just happened to be a comfortable place to rest, once toppled.

Colin White has been drawing since being introduced to Herge’s Tintin at the age of three. At the age of eleven he founded and published four issues of a local newspaper, The Goshen Report. At age fifteen Colin began doing graphic design work for student organizations as well as the high school garage band.  Colin studied graphic design in university and completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal. After unversity, Colin backpacked Europe for the better part of a year, using it as an excuse to look at graduate schools. In 2004 Colin returned to England to do a masters in graphic design at the London College of Printing.

In 2006, Colin moved to Ottawa and began self-publishing his own comix, making art, and freelancing as an illustrator and graphic designer. Colin has been published by Ottawa Magazine, Design Source Ottawa, Muse Magazine, Carleton Now, The Ottawa Sun, Monday Magazine & X-Ray Magazine.

Check out Colin’s website to see more of his visual ramblings and illustrative work: colinwhitestudio.com

Thanks very much for your generosity and quirky point of view, Colin!


Thanks also to RockWaterJewelry for including our Melon collie print in her “Melon-Minded” treasury

… as well as to alphabettymonster for including Flyaways in her “cool icy blue” collection.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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