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Feature Friday #32: Feather Pin and Hairpiece set by Anemoi

March 11th, 2011

Our Ottawa etsy “Capital Crafters” team just keeps giving and giving…! This week, our donation comes from the ebullient Ylimay, aka Anemoi. We met up over coffee, and it was like meeting an old friend. When she showed me her donation, I was blown away by the beauty and attention to detail… here they are, Anemoi’s Feather Pin and Hairpiece set:

The listing is for both pieces, but if you’re interested in just one of them, drop us a line.
As a set, the price is $55 USD; separately, the Pin is $25 USD and the Hairpiece is $35 USD.

Ylimay chose the name Anemoi for her Etsy store, since she goes through ‘element’-mused inspirations. She thought Anemoi was appropriate because of the feather elements with which she designs and creates. Anemoi comes from Greek mythology for the wind gods. She has always been considered by those who know her (as well as herself) as a very crafty, unique and creative person. She loves experimenting and designing pieces that people love, appreciate and can wear.

Please also check out Anemoi’s blog — anemoimuu.wordpress.com

Here’s a shot we snagged when we met up (my first time being captured on Hipstamatic ;)

Thanks so much for your generosity and beautiful work, Yli :)


A thanks also to TeaBaxCollections for including our Rain rain print in her “Looking for Spring” treasury:

How fitting — it’s been a very wet couple of days here in Ottawa… Have a wonderful (and dry) weekend, everyone!

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