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Feature Friday #40: Glass pearl necklace by Tracy

Our Feature Friday artist today is Tracy, a good friend of mine who has an incredibly generous heart and very talented hands. When she’s not busy fixing people’s teeth (she’s a dentist by trade), she loves to cook and make jewelry in her free time. Today’s donation, a hand-made necklace made from Swarovski glass pearl beads and crystals, is a beautiful sample of her handiwork:

Glass pearl necklace by Tracy

To keep her further on her toes, Tracy’s also busy with her adorable 6-year old son and their Wheaton Terrier who joined the family a few months ago. I’m not sure where Trace gets all her energy but I love the fact that she’s just a kid at heart.

Thanks so much Trace, for taking the time to make something specifically to donate to our Project – we really appreciate it!

And another thanks to Outdoorzy90 for including our Mama bear in her etsy treasury, Cozy Comforts:

Cozy Comforts etsy treasury by Outdoorzy90

Happy weekend everyone!

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