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Feature Friday #4: Photograph (untitled) by Amanda Sage

Our fourth donation is this beautiful, understated photograph from Amanda Sage. Fitting that this beautiful understated photo is untitled, since it really just speaks for itself:

Amanda is a freelance writer and photographer with a penchant for filmmaking. She also recently wrote and released a series of children’s books under her publishing shingle, Wonderpress. To learn more and check out her other photographs, please visit www.amandasage.ca.

I met Amanda years ago when we both played on the same competitive ultimate frisbee team; she was one of the most dedicated people on the team (and an absolute force on the field), and I think she approaches life with that same enthusiasm. She also happens to an extraordinary baker.

Thanks Amanda — you’ve been a huge D.A.D. supporter right from the get-go, and we appreciate it very much!

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