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Feature Friday #11: Animalbetized placemats

August 20th, 2010
** Update: Serena’s placemats have been purchased via Etsy! You can still check out placemats on Serena’s site directly, although future orders are separate from The D.A.D. Project. **

Today’s donation, two kids’ placemats, has been happily made by yours truly.  Each of these two placemats features its own “animalbetized” alphabet where each letter is associated with an animal that begins with that specific letter.

Here’s Animalbetized Placemat I (which has the “easier” animals):

Animalbetized Placemat I

And Animalbetized Placemat II (whose animals might be a littler harder to guess):

Animalbetized Placemat II

And to make sure that no one is left guessing, a full list of all the animals is printed on the backs of the placemats too … here’s to making mealtime fun and educational (please note: placemats are laminated in durable plastic sleeves for easy cleaning!).

Have a fun weekend everyone — make the most of summer while it’s still here!

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