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Drawing A Day #191: Kiwis

September 13th, 2011

Today’s D.A.D. is all about fuzzy birds and fuzzy fruits — hello Kiwis!


And another etsy treasury mention: this time, our Hippy chick was included in csmeyer49’s Bohemian Autumn — thank you for including us!!

Bohemian Autumn etsy treasury by csmeyer49

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Drawing A Day #139: Book club

March 23rd, 2011

Remember the Woodland swingers? Well, they’re back. And this time, they’re gettin’ literary… in today’s D.A.D., called Book club:

I actually do belong to a book club (for any CBC-heads, you  may be amused to know that the club’s name is “Peter Mansbridge is my co-pilot”) and it just happens to have some of the greatest gals as members. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a delinquent and have probably only read about half the books we’ve covered… but it’s still made me read way more than I have in years. Maybe I should suggest we have a meeting in the woods this summer!


Some more treasury love to mention today: thanks to AngelaDesign for including Darnit! in her Print treasury:

Have a good hump day, and happy reading!

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Drawing A Day #92: Bird on a wire

December 14th, 2010

When I saw Em’s Online romance last week, I had to laugh since I had my D.A.D. for today, Bird on a wire, already sketched out:

Bird on a Wire

We never talk about what we’ll be drawing so it’s always fun when we end up on the same wavelength.

Another etsy treasury inclusion to report! Em’s Whiter shade of pale caught the eye of SeaDreamStudio in Winter Blues:

Winter Blues etsy Treasury by SeaDreamStudio

Thanks for adding us to your treasury!

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