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Drawing A Day #14: Walking a fine line

June 29th, 2010

Have you noticed how fearless some kids can be? I recently met Ali, Marc’s 9-year old niece, who’s enrolled in kids’ circus school and loves it … what a cool way to channel her boundless energy (the type that should be bottled and sold!). I was in awe watching her effortlessly turn somersaults, buzz around on her unicycle and bounce from the backyard trampoline to hang from the basketball rim above it.

Mr. Hippo in today’s D.A.D. may not have the same energy level but he’s holding his own on the highwire – here’s Walking a fine line:

Walking a fine line
Years ago, I got to swung from a trapeze at a one-day circus class … it was fun but think I’ll leave the unicycle riding to others (I have enough challenges on two wheels).

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