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Drawing A Day #9: My Pop rocks

June 21st, 2010
  1. A wholehearted belated Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!
  2. One of the many highlights of my weekend at a friend’s cottage was the Kozlik’s Triple Crunch mustard that John and I brought — made with three mustard seeds, vinegar and Canadian whiskey. People compared it to Pop Rocks… you know, that candy from forever ago?
  3. Serena (who’s in town for Dad’s Day) and I are going into the CBC Radio studios this morning to pretape an interview about The D.A.D. Project, to air in Ottawa later this week! Probably Wednesday morning; we’ll post details once it’s been confirmed.


Today’s D.A.D. is called My Pop rocks, and it came together while Father’s Day, Pop Rocks and radios floated around in my brain:

… because who doesn’t love dancing rhinos? The closest I ever came to rocking out with my Dad is when I was a little kid and he taught me to do a simple waltz step. He counted out the 3/4 time by saying “Pong cha cha, pong cha cha…”

What did you cut the rug with your Dad to?

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Drawing A Day #3: Mr. Sloth Cuts a Rug

June 9th, 2010

Please tell me you’ve seen “Meet the Sloths”: it’s one minute and 50 seconds of absolutely heart-melting footage taken at a sloth orphanage in Costa Rica. I’ve watched it, oh, a few times now… and it still gets me every time.

For today’s drawing, I wanted to draw a sloth doing something other than just sleeping, itching, eating, or sleeping (ha ha)… and the idea of how a sloth would dance popped to mind.

Our third D.A.D. shows about as much boogie as a sloth would have — Mr. Sloth cuts a rug:

For non-etsy people wondering how to purchase prints, we’ve beefed up the About section to explain the process; alternatively, you can contact us if you want to order directly from us (instead of going thru our online shop) or have any questions.

Huge thanks to all terrific feedback we’ve gotten so far. All the comments here and on facebook, plus the emails and messages with your stories, have been really touching and they make an already very special project even more special. It’s incredible how many of us are going through similar things.

OH, and as a post script: Serena’s Walking on Sunshine print was featured in a ladybug treasury on etsy yesterday — woohoo!

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