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Feature Friday #49: Tan Dog Cupcake Earrings by Twine Birds

August 19th, 2011

Back in June, we featured a pair of blue cupcake with purple flower earrings which were generously donated by Connie of Twine Birds. We’ve been lucky enough to receive a second donation from this fellow T.E.S.T. member which we showcase today: a pair of tan dog cupcake earrings carefully hand-crafted in polymer clay:

Dog cupcake earrings donation by Twine Birds

Since Twine Birds’ last feature, she has participated in three art-related events in Toronto: Parkdale Bazaar, Paint-A-Thon and Big on Bloor.  Aside from these events and her Etsy shop, Twine Birds’ products will be now sold at Atomic Cupcakes, in Waterdown, Ontario starting mid-August as well as in an online curated shop called ‘With Heart!’.

Connie plans on continuing Twine Birds after the summer months while she is back in school studying Urban Planning. Her future hopes for Twine Birds is to continue to branch outside of events and her online Etsy shop into local cupcake shops and bakeries.

If you would like to learn more about Twine Birds, please check out the following links:

- at her website (www.twinebirds.com);
- at her etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/TwineBirds);
- on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TwineBirds);
- on Twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/TwineBirds)

Thanks again for all your support and double generosity Connie. And congrats on all your new ventures — very exciting!

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Feature Friday #44: Blue cupcake with purple flower earrings by Twine Birds

June 17th, 2011
** Update: Connie’s earrings have been purchased and are no longer available.
To check out other cool works by Connie, please visit her shop directly. THANKS! **


This week’s Feature Friday donation is a fun and funky pair of Blue cupcake earrings with purple flowers skillfully handcrafted out of polymer clay by Connie of Twine Birds:

Blue cupcake earrings by Twine Birds

Connie is the second member from the etsy group, T.E.S.T., to make a donation to The D.A.D. Project (yay, team!) and we are more than grateful for this thoughtful gesture. She is behind Twine Birds, a small but growing handmade polymer clay jewelry and accessories business focusing on miniature foods and other attractive objects. Having been crafting from a young age as well as studying visual arts and environmental studies in university, Connie is very comfortable crafting clay items from her home in the GTA area.

Taking up this medium in 2008 to fulfill her need to work with clay, Connie has been creating small miniatures and participating in craft shows and events. Taking the time between graduation and fall, when she goes back to university to study Urban Planning, Connie aims to spend the summer working on new designs, going to more craft shows as well as volunteering.

To find out more about Twine Birds, and to keep up-to-date with her new products, please visit her:

- at her website: http://www.twinebirds.com;
- at her shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TwineBirds;
- on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TwineBirds;
- on DeviantArt: http://twinebirds.deviantart.com/;
- on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/TwineBirds
- She will also be at the Parkdale Bazaar on June 25, 2011!

Thanks again so much Connie!

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Feature Friday #42: Swarovski pearl drop earrings by bumblebeadsdesigns

May 27th, 2011

A little while ago, The D.A.D. Project joined T.E.S.T. Toronto Etsy Street Team, a street team for Etsy sellers in and around Toronto. They are a cool community of crafters and artisans in the Toronto area who offer support and share information and their experiences with each other.

I met fellow member Tracy M. of bumbebeadsdesigns when she kindly replied to a shout-out I posted to the group, asking if anyone was interested in making a donation of their wares to The D.A.D. Project. I’m happy to say that she is behind this week’s Feature Friday donation: a stunning pair of creamrose Swarovski pearl drop earrings that would look amazing dressed up or down.

Creamrose Swarovski Pearl Drop Earrings by bumblebeadsdesigns

As an elementary school teacher, Tracy uses the little free time that she gets (mostly during the March and Summer breaks) to work on her handmade jewellery business. About 7 years ago, she first started making simple earrings. Last year, when a friend asked Tracy to make her bridal jewellery, Tracy discovered her love for working with pearls while researching how to make pearl necklaces. She now focuses on using pearls as the primary material for all her jewellery.

As Tracy prepares for her own upcoming wedding in August (and making her own bridal jewellery, of course!!!), she tries to fit beading into her ever-so-busy schedule. Check out more of Tracy’s beautiful work…

…in her shop: www.bumblebeadsdesigns.etsy.com
…on facebook: www.facebook.com/bumblebeadsdesigns
…or on her blog: www.bumblebeadsdesigns.blogspot.com

Tracy, thank you so much for reaching out and making such a lovely contribution to our Project … I’m sure you will look amazing on your wedding day decked out in your own designs!

And more etsy love to report: big thanks to both swirlingthoughts, who included our Massage in a bottle in her Summertime blues treasury, and to inspiredbymckenna, for including our I can fly in her Come fly with me treasury:

Summertime blues etsy treasury by swirlingthoughts

Come fly with me etsy treasury by inspiredbymckenna

What a pretty sweet way to start the weekend!

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