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Drawing A Day #38: Leather helmets are for the birds

August 10th, 2010

Thank you to Mr. G for the idea behind today’s D.A.D., Leather helmets are for the birds. Apparently, hummingbirds are a regular at Mr. G’s bird feeders and he’s quite taken with them — as he puts it: “… their aerobatic flight has had them referred to as the jet fighters of the bird world. I can picture the cartoon of a hummingbird wearing a leather WWI helmet and goggles.”

Leather Helmets are for the Birds
Mr. G, hope this drawing does your imagination justice!

Oh, and thanks to lauraannedesigns for including our Feature Friday #6: Costa Rican Red-Eyed Leaf Frog in her Etsy treasury:

Frogs, ever catch one? Etsy Treasury

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