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Feature Friday #37: Artist Monster Prints by alphabettymonster

April 22nd, 2011

I discovered alphabettymonster’s shop last month when Deann — the mind behind the monsters! — created a treasury (which we gave a shout out to here) that featured one of our prints. I fell in love immediately with her quirky, colourful creatures, and promptly bought a set of her prints for our kiddo’s nursery. Deann visited the D.A.D. blog and then kindly offered to donate something to our cause… and so here it is, the same set that I purchased myself — a set of four adorable Artist Monster Prints:

The graphic here shows close-ups of the monsters, but the set is actually made up of four 5 x 7 prints with one monster featured on each: Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, and Georgia O’Keefe. Check out the listing to see each monster on its own.

Every since Deann was little, she loved drawing. Deann has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Texas and a masters degree in Marriage Family Therapy, with an emphasis in art therapy. She figured, if art could make her happy,  maybe it could help someone else too! Although doing therapy can be rewarding, art is still Deann’s passion. After the birth of her son, she wanted to make him something special… and her first little alphabetty monster was born. Since then, she has created over thirty unique little monsters. Deann wanted to create something modern, fun, and possibly educational to enhance a child’s environment; luckily, adults (like me! ;) seem to like her monsters too.

Find out more about alphabetty monsters here, and visit the shop here.

Thank you so much Deann — for funkifying our baby’s room and for your generosity!

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