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Feature Friday #9: Arcade Dish on Fire – Ceramic Soap Dish by Amanda Putz

August 6th, 2010
** Update: Amanda’s soapdish has been purchased via Etsy and is no longer available! **

My dear wonderful friend Amanda Putz (whom you might know as host and producer for CBC Radio One’s Bandwidth — among various other duties there) made our featured donation today. She’s been potting and crafting with clay in a weekly night class almost consistently since 2001. Her favourite way to work with clay is freestyle, or hand-building as the kids in the craft call it. She titled this piece Arcade Dish on Fire:

It’s a bit of a play on “firing” the clay, which is the step that comes both after forming the piece and again after it’s been fired once and then dipped in glaze (Randy’s Red in this case). It’s also because she handed it over to me at an Arcade Fire concert we saw together this summer.

As an aside: Amanda almost lost the soap dish, along with the entire contents of her purse at the show… but all her belongings were returned intact to the event coordinators — whew! In her words: “There are good people left in the world. You’re one of them for visiting The D.A.D. Project and hopefully buying Amanda’s donated artwork!”

Thanks Manders — you are, as you know, one of my favourite people in this world. Thanks for all your rah-rah-rahs and for your gorgeous donation.

P.S. And thanks also to WildThingsPurcell who included Awkward stages in the Arctic in their recent Etsy treasury:

Arctic treasures Treasury on Etsy website

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