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Drawing A Day #83: Bear with me (again!)

November 29th, 2010

We got a request asking if it would be possible to create a version of last week’s Bear with me with a girl character instead of a boy… so, I know it’s kinda cheating and I hope you really will bear with me, but that’s my D.A.D. today, also called Bear with me:

Since I was out of town this past weekend, it was actually really helpful that I didn’t have to start with scratch!

As a side note about the weekend: I ate my cassoulet for the first time in my life (made from scratch by my talented cousin Nina) and I’m still full from it… what a meal! Not for the faint of heart or vegetarians :P

Have a great week!

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Drawing A Day #79: Bear with me

November 22nd, 2010

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I’m opening the week with a groaner of a pun with today’s D.A.D., Bear with me:

Here’s to unlikely friendships and patience!

High fives also to people who visit us here online. I’ve been vending my t-shirts at a couple of holiday craft shows lately, and have brought The D.A.D. Project 2011 calendars with my inventory… it’s been incredibly encouraging to have people say they’ve heard of our project and/or that they came to buy a calendar. Thanks for all the encouraging words and support!!!

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