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Drawing A Day #13: Bergs on parade

June 28th, 2010

Our parents took an impromptu weekend vacation to Newfoundland to go see the ‘Iceberg Parade’ (look up these terms on Google Images, prepare your oohs and ahhs), so I decided use this as the inspiration for today’s D.A.D. This is actually a bit of a nerve-wracking post for me because I went way outside my comfort zone for this one… and did a landscape painting — something I haven’t done since 2nd year university!

Here it is *gulp*, and I call it Bergs on parade:

Hands down, I worked on this longer than any of the other D.A.D.’s I’ve done so far; I didn’t know how best to capture Newfoundland, its beauty, and all its quirky and wonderful features. I could’ve gone with my usual style and illustrated a lobster or ‘kissing the cod’, but after a few starts & stops, this is where I ended.

While brainstorming, I posted a status update on my facebook profile, asking for people’s input. I was blown away by the response:
No shortage of inspiration, to be sure, but then I think I felt some added pressure: this place means a lot to people. So hopefully, even though I ended up diverging from most of what people suggested, and even though landscapes ain’t my thing, this will resonate with at least one Newfoundlander out there!

I’ve only been to The Rock once before and was blown away. The people, the vibe, the houses, the culture, the terrain… are all so different from anywhere I’d been in Canada; even the sky feels different somehow. I gotta get back there, and I gotta go see those bergs.

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