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Feature Friday Donation #46: Midsummer journal & hair elastic set by thunderpeep designs

July 8th, 2011

Michelle of thunderpeep designs is another local talent I met through the etsy group T.E.S.T. and is our Feature Friday artist this week. She was kind enough to reach out and donate this cool Midsummer journal and hair elastic set:

Journal and hair elastic donation by thunderpeep designs

Thunderpeep designs started as a hobby because Michelle still loves sending and receiving letters in her regular old mailbox (I totally agree – fun mail is a great thing). Being a designer who loves the old skool art of hand lettering, she started making her own cards with goofy sayings for all her friends. This eventually included her other passion: Scandinavian-inspired illustration and textile design. Michelle’s little company is now evolving and includes all sorts of fun stationary goods, with quirky sayings, nature-inspired drawings and her own fabric creations.

You can see more of Michelle’s fun and original work and find out what else she’s up to:

Thanks again for your donation Michelle, and glad we got to grab some lunch when we met up!


The D.A.D. Project will be on vacation next week but stay posted for our next drawing coming at you the week of July 18th … take care in the meantime! Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

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Feature Friday #19: Leather Handbound 2011 Weekly Planner by MyHandboundBooks

November 19th, 2010

** Update: Rhonda’s Planner has been purchased from our etsy shop and is no longer available.
Please check out MyHandboundBooks’ shop for more of her gorgeous work!**

When I joined etsy in 2008, I bought all my Christmas gifts from the online shops there that year; one of them was a leather handbound planner from MyHandboundBooks — and it was the one gift I was most tempted to keep for myself. It was so well-made and beautiful and helpful… but I did as I should have and gave it to my sister-in-law, who adored it too.

Behind MyHandboundBooks is Rhonda, who was one of many fellow Canadian etsians who helped welcome me to the community back then. And two years later, when she found out about The D.A.D. Project, Rhonda reached out to me and offered a donation, a 2011 weekly planner:

Leather Handbound 2011 Weekly Planner by MyHandboundBooks

A bookbinder and book artist, Rhonda also creates hand marbled papers too. She’s also an East coaster and grows her own veggies, which make me have an extra special soft spot for her :)

You can find out more about her if you read he featured seller interview on etsy, or her blog.

Thanks so much, Rhonda, for reaching out and for your contribution! Keep up the beautiful work.

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