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Drawing A Day #168: Featherweight

June 2nd, 2011

Having been neglectful of the gym for the past month and a half, I drew Featherweight in the spirit (and hope) of getting back into a better workout routine sooner than later:


And thank you to KandiceinWonderland for including I Know I Can in her etsy treasury, It was all uphill and raining on my way home but I never lost hope!:

etsy treasury by KandiceinWonderlandUnfortunately, we don’t have a Feature Friday donation post for tomorrow but there are few in the works thanks to offers from some members of T.E.S.T., one of the etsy teams that The D.A.D. Project belongs to – please stay tuned.

So hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and fingers crossed for some “outdoor play” weather!

Take care,

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