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Feature Friday Donation 50. Detailed flower cabochon ring from Meg of FrameBoutique

September 2nd, 2011
** Update: Meghan’s ring has been purchased and is no longer available.
You can see other classy works by Meg in her FrameBoutique etsy shop. THANKS! **

We are more than happy to introduce our Feature Friday artist this week, Meghan of FrameBoutique, another fellow T.E.S.T. member and artisan who got in touch with us because she wanted to support The D.A.D. Project. Meg has generously donated one of her beautiful wine red Zinnia blossom rings set against a black lace filigree base:

Ring donation by FrameBoutique

Meghan Somerville is a Toronto-based jewelry designer who strives to create exquisite and elegantly handcrafted, eco-friendly and oftentimes, upcycled items. Her jewelry embraces femininity through floral designs, colourful cabochon flowers and lace filigree while it also reclaims the masculine through whimsical moustache and upcycled tie necklaces.

After completing her master’s in English and marrying her best friend and partner of ten years, Sean, Meghan chose to try and tackle this new field, jewelry design. Since she was young, she had always felt a need to create whether it be working with acrylics on canvas, upcycling battered and worn books or crafting diverse types of jewelry. But Meghan’s craft doesn’t stop at jewelry; she is also an avid painter, a photographer and a writer.

To see more of Meghan’s work, please visit: frameboutique.etsy.com or frameboutique.blogspot.com/.

Many thanks again Meg – we really appreciate you reaching out to us to make your donation.


And another thanks to minouette, captain of the etsy T.E.S.T. group who made a donation in August, for featuring The D.A.D. Project in the group’s interview series yesterday — you can read the interview here on the T.E.S.T. blog. It’s been really amazing being part of this group with all the support, encouragement and donations we’ve received from fellow members — don’t think we can say thank you enough to everyone!


Hope everyone has a super first weekend of September!

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Feature Friday Donation #48. Euoplocephalus linocut by minouette

August 12th, 2011

We have yet another generous contribution from T.E.S.T., the etsy group we joined a couple of months ago! Today’s Feature Friday donation is by none other than the captain of the group, minouette, who has graciously donated one of her fantastic Euoplocephalus linocuts which she designed and hand-printed:

Euoplocephalus linocut by minouette

Minouette likes to say she’s a scientist by day and printmaker by night. Her shop is filled with block printed items: fine art and printed textiles, mainly pillows and stuffed animals. She thinks of her shop as a cabinet of curiosity. It’s filled with all sorts of animals (from microorganisms to jellyfish to giraffes to dinosaurs). She’s also inspired by the history of science and has a series of portraits of scientists. She’s also interested in myths and legends people use to explain natural phenomena, and has a complete set of Chinese Zodiac animals. When she isn’t making block prints, she likes to spent as much time as possible on the ocean. She works as a marine geophysics, building machines to help image what’s below the ocean floor.

You can keep up with and see more of minouette’s awesome original artwork:

- in her shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/minouette – it’s all pretty fabulous!
- on her blog: minouette.blogspot.com/
- on twitter: twitter.com/#!/minouette
- on Facebook: www.facebook.com/things.from.secret.minouette.places

Thanks again for getting in touch and donating one of your beautiful works, minouette – we’re really thrilled to feature it today.

Happy weekend everyone!!

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