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Drawing A Day #164: Pitter patter of little feet

May 19th, 2011

Today’s D.A.D. is another inspired by my new little nephew … he’s not quite at the stage of running around and getting into things but soon enough, I’m sure the Pitter patter of little feet will be filling John and Em’s home:

Pitter patter of little feet

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Drawing A Day #60: Raise your glass

September 16th, 2010

Celebrations, big or small, are always more fun when done in the company of good friends … so with that, Raise your glass:

Raise Your Glass

And cheers to Glen Gower for including us in the “Skyscraper Art on OttawaStart” project where we, along with 29 other local artists, are featured in rotation in the skycraper ad space on their main site.  We’re pretty thrilled to be part of this virtual art gallery so here’s a big thanks to Glen and OttawaStart!

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Drawing A Day #8: Fly me to the moon

June 17th, 2010

For today’s D.A.D.: introducing Space Cat and Moonbeam Mouse journeying to galaxies far, far away in Fly me to the moon:

Fly Me to the Moon

And another happy note, our Walking on Sunshine print was also just included in another Etsy treasury – whoohoo:

Where do ladybugs come from Treasury on Etsy website by Rock Water Jewelry

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