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Drawing A Day #140: Sweet ‘n’ sour chicken

March 30th, 2011

This one’s been brewing around my noggin for a while now… And I had a pretty frustrating day today (having spent more than half the day rebuilding my email client database, arrrrgh) so it was fun to draw a grumpy fowl. Here it is, today’s D.A.D. — Sweet ‘n’ sour chicken:

I got help cheering up, thanks to romanmccall — they included our Baby steps print in their “Brighten up your day” treasury:

… and thanks also to HandyQuotes for including The big cheese in their “More CHEESE Please!!!” collection:

It’ll be another quiet day tomorrow, as Serena’s still away. Until Friday!

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Drawing A Day #137: Bulldozer

March 21st, 2011

I spent a chunk of Saturday sorting through bags and boxes of baby clothes that friends have handed down to us… I haven’t spent a cent on baby wears, and we’re already set until this kid is 18 months, methinks! Anyway, one particularly cute onesie had all sorts of vehicles printed all over it, including bulldozers… and then my brain went on a tangent. Here is today’s D.A.D. — Bulldozer:

And I know it isn’t a bulldozer (close enough! :) in this video but I also got reminded of this clip, one of my favourites:

Happy Monday!

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Drawing A Day #131: Darnit!

March 9th, 2011

Ever tried to fix something,  only to break something else while you’re at it? (I’m so clumsy these days, I’m on a roll — I put the blame squarely on pregnant brain — or, as one friend calls it, “placenta head” ;) Today’s D.A.D. is based on just that, and it’s called Darnit!

That’s one groan-worthy lil’ panda…! May all your clothes be hole-free today.

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