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Drawing A Day #189: Tiptoe through the tulips

September 1st, 2011

Today’s D.A.D. is for anyone who’s light on their feet (or not so much, like myself) but still enjoys dancing like no one’s watching … I bring you Tiptoe through the tulips:

Tiptoe through the tulips

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Drawing A Day #147: Surfin’ safari

April 14th, 2011

I can’t believe that I’ve been away for two and a half weeks – time has just flown by. It was a busy trip in London (UK) with work but I also got the chance to play tourist on the weekends … so much to see and do!

Today’s D.A.D. is dedicated to Sibs, my roommate and colleague from South Africa, who probably has a better chance of witnessing a Surfin’ safari than what I would see in Toronto!

Surfin' Safari

Thanks again to Em for manning the D.A.D. ship while I was gone — it was fun to login and see what adorable pics she came up with on her days.

It’s good to be back!

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