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Drawing A Day #115: Dots & dashes

February 9th, 2011

It’s the return of the Nuts for you robot… This time, he’s back with a direct (though cryptic) message: “I love you”, in Morse code. This one is called Dots & dashes:

Looks like I’m not the only one with Valentine’s Day on the brain… Thanks to HarrysGirls for including our Big love print in their Edgy Love treasury:

Moosh moosh moosh…

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Feature Friday #21: Biblical Bot / Me You and Everyone Else prints by Winged Beast Outfitters

December 3rd, 2010

Stirling Prentice’s illustrations are a whimsical mishmash… sort of an apocalyptic joy with a healthy dose of irony. His work has appeared on book covers, posters and clothes worn by delighted people. Winged Beast Outfitters is his creative outlet, a venue for what he calls “Decent Stuff for These Godless Times.”

I know Stirling as a fellow t-shirt vendor, and then he recently approached me to donate some of his original illustration prints to The D.A.D. Project — woohoo! We are listing the following two prints as a single item for this week:

Biblical Bot:

Me You and Everyone Else (the watermark on this image is not on the actual print):

The prints are each 8 x 10 and printed on Fujicolor archival paper. And wicked awesome.

Thanks Stirlbot!

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A Contest and Feature Friday #5: A Special Gift for Thomas by Bridget Dewyze

July 9th, 2010

Psst! Want to try and win a print from The D.A.D. Project?
Go to http://ottawastart.com/contest.php
and enter before 11:59pm on Sunday, July 11th
(note: you must live in the greater Ottawa/Gatineau area to participate).
Good luck, and thanks OttawaStart.com for their support!

** Update: Bridget’s print has been purchased and is no longer available.
The buyer contacted us
directly, so the listing has been removed from our etsy shop. THANKS! **

Our Feature Friday artist this week is Toronto-born Bridget Dewyze whose donation is a print of one of the wonderful watercolour paintings that she created for her self-published children’s book, A Special Gift for Thomas:

A Special Gift for Thomas by Bridget Dewyze

A Special Gift for Thomas by Bridget Dewyze And as part of her donation, Bridget is including a copy of her book with the purchase of the print – whoohoo!

I asked Bridge what inspired her to write her book: “One day when I was driving with my baby daughter, she was crying uncontrollably in the back seat. At that moment, I came up with this story. I told it to her in hopes of calming her but, more importantly, I think to maintain my sanity! A few months later, I decided to illustrate and publish the story. I created this for my daughter and hope it inspires her one day.”

I’ve known Bridget for a few years now and she never ceases to amaze me with her creativity and thoughtfulness. She lives happily ever after in Toronto with her best friend Scott, and their two adorable kids.

Thanks for being part of our Project!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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