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Drawing A Day #182: The sky is falling

July 28th, 2011

It’s a little grey and gloomy here in Toronto this morning with the clouds closing in. We’ve been having some really nice and sunny days lately so when I heard that it was going to rain today, all I could think of was, The sky is falling (ok, maybe I’m being a tad dramatic):

The sky is fallingWe’ll be off all next week (yay summer vacation!) but back with our next drawing on August 9th!

Happy Thursday (despite the rain)!

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Drawing A Day #151: March to the beat of your own drum

April 21st, 2011

I introduced this silly trio a few weeks ago when they just wanted to Walk this way … but now, they’re ready to March to the beat of their own drum:

March to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Here’s to doing things your way, when you want and how you want! It’s almost the weekend!!

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Drawing A Day #136: Walk this way

March 17th, 2011

I’ve been told that I have a swagger in my walk – I’m not too sure how to react to that but maybe wearing a cowboy hat and boots would be appropriate? In that spirit, I bring you Walk this way:

Walk This Way on The D.A.D. Project

So whether you swagger, saunter, skip or strut – own it!

We have a couple of more etsy treasury inclusions to write about: first, Rain rain was mentioned in ModGenesDesignsA Little Rain Must Fall:

A Little Rain Must Fall etsy treasury by ModGenesDesigns

And Walrustusk included Say what in How to Get Exposure:

How to Get Exposure etsy treasury by walrustusk

Many thanks for featuring our work!!

Have a good Thursday everyone!

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