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Drawing A Day #23: High and dry

July 14th, 2010

Today’s D.A.D. came out of something I’m really talented at: overthinking. It’s called High and dry:

I tend to be the one holding the umbrella, even on a nice day, since I tend to think of the worst case scenario in any given situation… then I often end up being pleasantly surprised. Even when something not-so-great happens, I usually stay pretty chipper… because I’ve usually already considered a worse outcome. (All this is metaphorical, big-picture stuff… in real life, I typically forget to bring an umbrella out if it rains, and I don’t even own a pair of rainboots ;)

Expect the worst, hope for the best — works for me!

As for the style, it’s slightly out on a limb for me. I still did it digitally, but I used watercolour as the medium. A couple of closer-ups:

Time to find some puddles to jump in.

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Drawing A Day #2: Walking on Sunshine

June 8th, 2010

I am so excited and happy to be doing this with Em — we’ve talked before about collaborating on a project and even though the circumstances aren’t ideal, it’s still nice to finally have something to work on together.

D.A.D #2 today is Walking on Sunshine:

Walking on Sunshine

Here’s to all things that brighten your day and put a spring in your step — sunflowers are my favourite flower and they always make me smile.

Thanks to everyone for all your positive and supportive comments so far.

M, back to you!

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