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Home sweet home with the Property Brothers

October 1st, 2011

A Saturday blog post? Well, it’s a bit of a special case because I went to the Home & Design Show here in Ottawa today, where I met Property Brothers (twins Jonathan and Drew Scott):

Even this not-so-avid-tv-watcher has to admit that I’m a big fan of their show. The Scotts gave a talk at the event today, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to bring them a few D.A.D. samples to introduce them to the project. My hope is that one of these days when they’re picking out artwork for one of their makeovers, they might think of us. Fingers crossed!

During their talk, Drew poked fun at the fact that Jonathan might be a closet Trekkie… whether it’s true or not, I was happy that one of the samples I brought (and that Jonathan is holding in the photo) was Awkward stages in the Arctic.

The kickoff to Season 2 of The Property Brothers airs this coming Thursday, October 6 on the W Network. Guess what I’ll be doing that night? :)

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