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Drawing A Day #24: At the end of my rope

July 15th, 2010

Sometimes I think Em and I are on some weird psychic creative wavelength.  When she posted
T. Wrecks
a couple of weeks ago, I had to laugh since I also had a rough for today’s D.A.D. sketched out. Guess Tyrannosauruses (sauri?) have been on both of our minds!  Just an FYI: We never discuss with each other what we’re going to draw for our D.A.D.’s so like everyone else, I’m always excited to see what Em posts on her days.

For At the end of my rope, I went back to my sketchbook, pen and watercolour paints (which, coincidentally, was the digital medium that Em used for her illustration yesterday).  I love my digital tools — so far, I’ve created all of my D.A.D.’s on my Wacom tablet and laptop — but there’s something deeply satisfying about doing things the “old fashioned” way.

At the end of my rope
Alternative title I toyed with for today’s drawing: “Hey Mom, look what followed me home!”

Oh, Em and I were fortunate enough to meet Kym this past Sunday and be included in her wonderful 100-strangers project … we had a fabulous time chatting with her and are totally floored by what she was able to capture with her lens and creative eye.  Thanks Kym, for an amazing experience!

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