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Drawing A Day #17: High hopes

July 5th, 2010

I’m always a sucker for those ‘odd couple’ animal friendships that make the news — like Owen the hippo & Mzee the tortoise, or Aochan the snake & Gohan the hamster, or Tara the elephant and Bella the dog… I tried to come up with an unlikely pairing for today’s D.A.D. and, from there, came High hopes:

This is a turtle with amazing balance… and gumption!


A note about our prices:

After tallying up the numbers from our first few weeks and taking into consideration that Harmonized Sales Tax just kicked in for us on July 1st, we have increased our print prices from $18 to $20 (USD) in our shop. This is mainly because the HST adds 8% extra to all our printing and packaging costs, but also because our original math wasn’t spot on. This is still entirely a volunteer project for  us, and all the funds we collect are either donated to the Canadian Cancer Society or reimbursements for our costs and fees.


And pssst! Just two days till we draw a winner for our ONE-MONTH anniversary giveaway! Have you entered?


Have a great week!

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